When was the last time you did something playful? 
Playing is good for you!
Kids naturally play, but as we get older and have more responsibilities at work and home, it’s easy to get serious, bogged down by routines, and lose our sense of playfulness. It can even seem irresponsible to play!
But play is great for adults. First, it’s so fun, and it lets us bring more fun and joy into our daily lives. It also has some other important benefits.
Play allows us to tap into our creativity. When we make time for play, we can be more productive, innovative, and even more resilient in tackling challenges.
Play is also a powerful stress reliever. Letting loose on a playground swing, shooting hoops, going dancing, singing into your hairbrush, or chatting with friends over games is fun and gives us a break from the daily grind.
Laughter is an integral part of play, and laughter triggers positive physical and mental changes in the body by releasing endorphins and reducing tension. That’s awesome!
Play also helps us regain the sense of energy and vitality that may get squashed by our adult responsibilities.
Acting silly, being spontaneous, and rediscovering our inner child allows us to feel reinvigorated and present.
Yep, playing is self-care! How do you play?

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