Passion Project Coaching

Strategies & Support For Your Passion Projects

Do you have a passion project, side gig, or small business you want to get off the ground and running?

I combine personal coaching with my organizational skills and small business background to offer holistic, one-on-one passion project coaching. Here, you will get very clear on your goals and then take real action on them. I will support you and be your accountability partner and sounding board as you imagine, create, and grow your project, side gig, or small business.

This is a unique system I’ve developed to help clients move from a dream concept to a final outcome! Every coaching project evolves over several months and is very personal to you because every entrepreneur, side gigger, and passion project-doer is unique! I honor that. I’ll help you work at a steady pace and help you stay motivated, accountable, and on track to bring your vision to life. 

We can start from scratch and get you up and running, or we can start wherever you are in the process and keep you on track to reach your goals. We’ll tailor the program to be exactly what you need. 

Here’s a sampling of what your coaching experience can include:

Explore your passions

Explore your passions, interests and ideas. Discover what motivates you and identify your personal WHY.  Tap into your unique interests, talents, and skills and see how they can uncover what you are passionate about doing. Get clear on what fills you with purpose, fulfillment and joy. 

Get Clear on your Goals

Get clarity on your ideas and goals and create a plan to move forward. Investigate when and how to take action on your ideas. 

Make room for Success

Clear the Clutter in your home and daily life to make physical and mental space for new opportunities and success.

Check in with your money mindset

Your relationship with money can have a big impact on how you see yourself and your project being successful.  We’ll check in with this and can use tools if this area needs some work. 

Life|Work Balance

It’s a cliche, but it’s true!  We need work-life balance. Throughout your coaching, we will strive to create a healthy balance, working on your project at a steady but comfortable pace and creating time for you to continue with all the other roles in your life and have some fun too.


I draw from my life coaching and mindfulness tools so you can move through each day feeling empowered, confident, clear, and centered while you are authentically growing the business, building that side-gig, or working on the project you’ve been dreaming about. 

Support, accountabilty & motivation

Have consistent positive support along your journey.  I will be your accountability partner, keeping you on track and motivated.

Have a Sounding Board

Everyone needs a sounding board to talk about their ideas, bounce new concepts, or get a second point of view on a logo or color or content of a program. With a coach, you have a built-in sounding board.

Overcome Roadblocks & Avoid Pitfalls

I can help you understand the roadblocks getting in the way, spot the issues to help avoid pitfalls and find strategies for managing both. You will inevitably run across roadblocks and pitfalls, but we will work on keeping you unstuck so you can keep moving forward and reach your goals.

Build your Start-Up Steps checklist

This is your master To-Do list, which will guide your project. It is an outline that summarizes the essential details of your start-up process in check-list form. This is a living document. When we start it, it will be a broad overview, but as your ideas bloom, your list will grow and change with them.   

Kick Off!

I will coach you week-by-week to work through all the action steps to get your ideas off the ground and running.  And then it will be time for to celebrate!

Be Inspired to Discover
I know starting a project may seem insurmountable!
But everything you need is within your reach.
Take the first step and get clear on what you are yearning to do and how to get started!
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