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This short 4-week course will help you explore your ideas, gain confidence, tap into your creativity, and discover whether being an entrepreneur is for you! 
Is “Explore Your Passions” for you? 

Are you searching for something you can feel passionate about – a purposeful endeavor, a business pursuit, your passion project – but not sure what that is just yet?  Do you have creative and exciting ideas, visions, and desires but can’t decide if and how to take action on them? 

Would you love to feel confident in your interests, talents, and skills and learn how to access them to find passions that suit you beautifully? Would it feel great to organize your creative ideas and desires and make a plan to move forward? Would you like to finally answer the question if being an entrepreneur is what you really want?

This program can help you:
  • Tap into your unique interests, talents, and skills and see how they can uncover what you are passionate about doing.
  • Get clarity on the business and lifestyle activities that fill you with purpose, fulfillment, and joy.
  • Create a plan for how you will move forward with the business pursuits you desire.
  • Discover whether being an entrepreneur is for you! 
In this program you will get:  
  • One 90-minute Explore Your Ideas session [via phone or Zoom]: where we can explore and discover your ideas, skills, and talents and dive into what motivates and inspires you.

  • Three 50-minute sessions [via phone or Zoom]:  During each of these weekly sessions, we will celebrate your successes and work together to break through any obstacles you may be experiencing.  We will keep exploring your ideas, uncover your potential, and discover what projects and business pursuits speak to you.
  • One 15-minute “Just In Time” Phone Call: when you might need a bit of help between regular sessions.
  • Email Accessfor quick celebrations or check-ins that you want to share and that we can discuss in your next coaching session. 
As a Bonus, you will receive:
  • A Current copy of the quarterly magazine What Women Create. 
  • A 10% discount when you sign up for any other program for the first time.
  • A 10% discount if you renew this program for another four weeks.
 Your Investment:
  • Introductory price: $ 625

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