Your Roadmap to Launch

Your Roadmap to Launch

This 90-day program is our most comprehensive business coaching program. Here you will get clarity on your business ideas, goals, and processes, and we will create a thought-out Roadmap to Launch business plan and Start-Up Checklist for your business. 
Is “Your Roadmap to Launch” the right fit for you? 

Do you have bold and creative ideas for a business but feel stymied and stuck in bringing them to life? Do you feel overwhelmed when you start thinking about all the steps to start your business? Does something always seem to get in the way of reaching your goals? 

Would you love to have a thought-out business plan and guidance for your business-building process? Would you like to have your start-up steps outlined so you can move forward on your goals with ease at a steady pace? Would you enjoy feeling clear, organized, and confident while building a business and lifestyle that aligns with your vision of success?

 This program can help you:
  • Create a clear vision for the business you desire.
  • Create your customized “Roadmap to Launch” business plan.
  • Develop your Start-Up Steps list personalized with your biz building tasks.
  • Work on strategic planning and action steps at a steady and comfortable pace.
  • Understand and overcome the roadblocks (both external and internal) getting in the way of reaching your goals, and find strategies for managing them.
  • Move through each day feeling empowered and confident in yourself and your business-building actions.
 With this program, you will receive: 
  1. One 90-minute “Your Bold & Creative Ideas” Session [via phone or Zoom]: In this foundational planning session, you’ll share your business ideas and get clear on your vision, your why, and your mission. We will start creating a clear picture of what your business and lifestyle can look like.  
  1. Eleven 50-minute Personalized Sessions [via phone or Zoom]: During these weekly sessions, we will celebrate your successes and work together to break through any obstacles you may be experiencing. Then, we will work on your next steps and, week by week, create your Biz-Building Start-Up Steps list and your Roadmap to Launch. You’ll leave with clarity on your next steps.
  2. Your Roadmap to Launch: We will work on this “living document” together. It is a customized business plan template that needs to be edited and filled in with information about your industry and your business model and with your own creative ideas and business goals. As a living document, it is meant to be worked on, added to, deleted from, and edited over time. As information unfolds, we’ll fill out your Roadmap, and before you know it, you will have a business plan you can implement when you are ready.
  3. Your Start-Up Steps list: This is your master To-Do list and will guide your business-building steps. It is an outline that will summarize the essential details of your start-up process. This is another living document. When we start it, it will be a broad overview, but as your business ideas bloom, you can fill it in and make it as detailed as you wish. 
  4. Three 15-minute “Just In Time” Phone Calls: when you might need a bit of help between regular sessions.
  5. Email Access:  for quick celebrations or check-ins that you want to share and that we can discuss in your next coaching session.
 As a Bonus, you will get:
  • Your Roadmap to Launch Planning Notebook: As a beautiful welcome, you will receive a three-ring binder with tabs, stickies, and colored pens to help you organize your business-building materials.
  • One 50-minute “Clear Your Clutter” Session (via phone or Zoom):  In this powerful and practical block of time, you will work on clearing clutter in an area of your choice with my guided support.
  • A 20% discount on your first “Grow your Inspired Business” program. 
Your Investment:
  • The program investment is $2900 (~ 10 % savings) if paid in full.
  • If using our payment plan, the investment is $3100, including a $1300 deposit with two monthly payments of $900.

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