Explore your passions, ignite your superpowers, find your own unique path, and be unapologetically radiant in your next chapter. 

Your Re-invention Journey

A personalized one-on-one transformational coaching journey for women who want to re-discover their passions and purpose, seek something new for themselves, ignite their energy, excitement & joy in daily life, and live more fully. 

We'll find out what matters most to you on Your journey and make your experience just what you want it to be!
Here are some of the key concepts of reinvention that we can explore together.

Your Bold & Beautiful Vision

Who would you be re-invented?

You will get clear on what you really want your life to look like.  What will you be doing?  Where do you want to be and go? How will you be feeling? How do you want to live?

What's Stopping You?

You’ll identify the actions you are taking and those you haven’t taken that hold you back from creating the future you desire – your vision. We will talk about your barriers to re-invention and feeling powerful and confident to make changes.

You can do it!

“I couldn’t do that”  and  “I’m not the right age for that”  vs. “I got this” and “Yes, yes I can do it!” Are you telling yourself stories of success or failure? We’ll look at how the stories you tell yourself and other people impact your actions and growth, and help you write your success story.

Decades Review

Every choice you have made up until this moment has brought you here, even the ones that were not great. Every action had a positive intention.  Honor that part of you. Thank it and set it free if it no longer serves you. Free yourself to make a different choices.

Clear the Clutter

You will do an assessment of the areas of your life, business, home and daily routines that are filled with clutter and getting in the way of your re-invention.  We’ll come up with a plan to simplify and tame the clutter so you have the time & freedom to move in any direction you choose.

Self-Care & Self-Confidence

Many of us believe that focusing on ourselves is selfish—so we spend a lot of time taking actions that serve other people.  We also tend to make ourselves smaller so we don’t draw attention or offend. This keeps us from having the life we desire. It’s time to shift your relationship with Self-Care! Let’s practice being unapologetically radiant!

You are Worth it!

Thinking about your nest egg? We’ll explore your relationship with money, so you feel comfortable with the topic, and are empowered to take the steps to deal with financial issues. We’ll also work to remove any mindset money barriers to your re-invention.

Relationships & Boundaries

Let’s check in with your relationships. You have likely moved through life filling roles that may now be changing. Changing careers, changing friendships, empty nesting, and loss – these all change the way we want to and need to spend our time and energy with others. We’ll also explore the limits you have around what you will and won’t do for others.

Superpowers & Joy!

We’ll have some fun uncovering and acknowledging your superpowers. And you’ll do some exercises to help you re-discover the things that bring you joy! You will also create your PMM (personal marketing message). A short powerful message you can use when you need a reminder of your why, your vision, and your re-invention.


Re-invention Roadmap

Using everything you are learning about yourself  we’ll create a roadmap for how YOU want to BE, LIVE, and FEEL going forward and the steps you’ll take to get there. 


Be Visable

It’s time to bring yourself and your work into the world – Take your first steps – allow yourself to be seen. It’s time to allow your true self to shine. 

Celebrate & Brag a little

We’ll celebrate YOU and the progress you have made. It’s OK to brag about yourself!  We’ll check in so see how your roadmap is working and revisit any areas that may need adjusting to keep you moving toward your vision for your re-invention. 


We are constantly re-inventing, re-newing and re-imagining who we are at every age and stage of our lives. Set up a 45-min complimentary discovery session and discover what your next best chapter holds in store.

You bring your notebook, we’ll work on all the small steps together.