Every woman needs her own support network of smart, interesting, creative women who are a little badass. And that is what we are cultivating in our new private facebook group at The MIDI Cafe’. So join us there by clicking this link. https://www.facebook.com/groups/themidicafe
Some of our greatest sources of strength come from the bonds we form with other women. Women who have strong interpersonal connections and support systems are more successful, resilient, content, fulfilled, and healthier!
Connection with other women lifts us up on an emotional level. There’s something pretty powerful about finding your “tribe” – a group of women who truly understand what you’re going through and have your back. The camaraderie and the shared experiences can be really affirming. These are the people who tend to high-five our wins, give us hugs when we are down, and let us vent a little when we need to. (Even if they are virtual hugs, they still count!)
Connection is also about having people to bounce ideas off of. Women’s communities provide an incredible space for real, practical advice and mentorship. Having a group of people who you can trust and who have “been there, done that” can be a total game-changer when you’re facing a challenge. They can offer insights and strategies that you can’t get anywhere else. (Even the internet!)
So how do you find community?
Joining a group like The Midi Cafe’ is a great idea for a virtual connection.
But, the most obvious is to connect with female friends and colleagues already in your life. Why not take a risk and set up a coffee date or a GNO (girls’ night out) with some ladies you know? Even if you have that little fear that they might not say yes, shoot out the invite. It can start small, just one person, and let it grow from there.
If you don’t have a group you can call on or you just want to expand your circle, there are other ways to put yourself out there.
You can look for a local meetup group in your area where you can join workshops, find classes, go to wine & food tastings, find a book club or a tennis group, or find a sewing circle or 50+ bowling team if that’s your jam … You name it. There are some great resources for finding current activities in your area. Check out https://www.meetup.com/ , https://www.eventbrite.com/
You can also find classes and clubs in your local library, park, community center, community college, or chamber of commerce, where you are sure to find other women interested in the same things. That sounds like old-fashioned advice, but you might be surprised by what your own community has to offer.
And check out the boards at the local coffee shops, grocery stores, etc., which often post upcoming events. Why not take the leap and sign up and show up!
Of course, building and nurturing these relationships takes time and effort and may take you out of your comfort zone. It means being vulnerable, putting yourself out there, and actively investing in other people. But the gift of community and connection is worth it!

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