Make More Space in Your Home, Business & Life

Make Way for New Experiences~Clear the Clutter

This mini-program is a valuable tool to Clear the Clutter in your life, business, home, and daily routines to make room for new opportunities, experiences, and free time to pursue your business interests.

Is “Clear the Clutter” for you?

Are you ignoring your “stuff” so that it has added up to many little (or big) messes cluttering your life, home, business, and daily routines? Or are you constantly trying to tame the clutter messes around you? Either way, is clutter sapping your time and energy and preventing you from having the free-flowing, creative, bold business and lifestyle you desire?

Would you like to feel the relaxed power of having a clear space (mental and physical) to plan and create your projects and business? Do you want to let go of things that no longer serve you? Would you love to have a customized method to deal with “stuff” moving forward, so you can stress less and make way for new opportunities and experiences?

Together we can work to:
  • Understand which areas in and around your home, life, office, and daily routines are sapping your energy and time.
  • Systematically begin to go through each of those areas and let go of things you no longer need or serve you.
  • Create an action plan for future “stuff” coming your way. 
  • Be less burdened by “stuff” with more time & energy for the things you want to do.
Here’s what you receive: 
  • One 90-minute “Identifying Your Clutter Messes” Session [via phone or Zoom]: In this session, you’ll get clear on your areas of clutter and start creating a clear picture of what a less cluttered life may look like.  
  • Three- 50-minute Personalized “Less is More” Sessions [via phone or Zoom]:  During each of these practical weekly sessions, we will celebrate your successes, work together to break through any obstacles you may be experiencing, and you’ll leave with clarity on your next steps to clearing clutter.
  • One 15-minute “Just In Time” Phone Call: when you might need a bit of help between regular sessions.
  • Email Access: for quick celebrations or check-ins that you want to share and that we can discuss in your next coaching session. 
Bonuses you will receive:
  • A 10% discount when you sign up for any other program for the first time.
  • 10% discount if you renew this program for an additional four weeks. 
Your Investment:
  • Introductory price: $625.

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